smartdeal held an Anti-money laundry socialization in Medan, North Sumatra

On 13th of December 2016, smartdeal management held a workshop on the topic of Anti-money laundering and prevention of terrorism financing, as aligned with regulations from the Bank of Indonesia. The discussion was held in Medan, North Sumatra and was attended by representatives from 12 money changers in Medan.

The open discussion was moderated by smartdeal Medan’s branch manager, Fenny Tjandra, and the topic of discussion was presented by Mr. Pongky Majaya. The event took place at Karibia Boutique hotel from 18:00 PM until 22:00 PM. The topic discussed cover basic understanding of money laundering, preventing of terrorism financing, actions that can be taken by money changers and reporting procedures for case of transactions involved in money laundering / terrorism financing.

An open discussion session was planned at the end of the informative session to allow participants to better understand the obstacles in assisting government in combatting money laundering and terrorism financing acts. Enthusiasm from the participants reflected in the variety of questions asked.

smartdeal plans to host more events in socializing, training and even counseling other money changers to help them obtain a through understanding of the rules and regulations.

Similar discussion will also be held for smartdeal to better understand problems faced by other money changer in applying these rules and regulations in day-to-day operations.

There are times where rules and regulations require adjustments without changing its substance, to ensure realistic and feasible application in the currency exchange industry.