Saudi Riyal (SAR) Transaction in smartdeal

smartdeal as an legal money changer always prioritizes excellent service to customers. We accept and provide 35 types of foreign exchange with online system, competitive price and ready stock to serve customer needs. One of the foreign exchange we provide is Saudi Riyal (SAR).  ...Read More !

smartdeal held an Anti-money laundry socialization in Medan, North Sumatra

On 13th of December 2016, smartdeal management held a workshop on the topic of Anti-money laundering and prevention of terrorism financing, as aligned with regulations from the Bank of Indonesia. The discussion was held in Medan, North Sumatra and was attended by representatives f ...Read More !

What You Need to Know About Foreign Exchange and Anti-Money Laundering

The foreign exchange market (also known as the currency market) is a complex and decentralized market where currencies are traded across the globe. This market is responsible in determining the relative values of different currencies. There are no clearing houses in foreign exchange, it is an over-the-counter market where b ...Read More !

smartdeal collaborate with PPATK to held an Anti Money Laundering Training

Currency exchange seems like a simple business of trading one currency into another, but there is a lot more to it as businesses have to comply with rules and regulation. With regards to the need of knowledge concerning these rules and regulation, smartdeal collaborate with PPATK ...Read More !